Sept 2, 2007 UNTIL YOM KIPPUR (Sept 22)

This prayer directive is to end the current 7 -YEAR CYCLE in fullness, walking through
this transition into the new year and positioning ourselves for the new beginnings of
the newly started 7-YEAR CYCLE...into a new realm of the glory!

Day 21: September 22
Matt 9:16-17
This is a new day in a new year with new beginnings of a new life cycle!   Be ready and
expectant with your new wine-skins to receive the new wine of the Holy Spirit, which is
now being poured out from the glory realm.  Set your mind on the Kingdom of God and
purpose to fulfill your destiny for His glory!  Pursue your set goals with the mindset of
“possessing the land” in victory!

Day 20: September 21
Call on the Spirit of Wisdom and understanding to show you God's way in every area of
your life for this new life cycle you are entering now and abandon your ideas and way of
thinking and handling things.  Flow with the fresh revelation of His wisdom from above
and purpose to be obedient to His leading, even if it doesn't make sense to your natural
mind.  Purpose to walk in total dependence on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Study
James 1:5-7; James 3:17-18.

Day 19: September 20
Now is the time to focus your mind on that which you would like to see come to pass.  
Make sure that your mind does not accommodate any negative thought patterns.  Drink
into the Spirit and declare the Word of the Lord over every situation of your life, and let
the sound of  God’s glory resound on the inside of you as you use your mouth as a
weapon of warfare in high praises to God.

Day 18: September 19
Release a new song over your land and rejoice in God’s faithfulness to fulfill His Word
over your life, your family, your ministry and your destiny.  See your promises fulfilled
and celebrate the abundance of god’s goodness in your life.

Day 17:  September 18
It is now time to start making declarations regarding your future.
Get clear vision of your call, purpose and destiny and declare that your future is blessed
and that you and your seed will walk in victory and fulfill your destiny in Christ!

Day 16: September 17
These holidays of the Feast of Trumpets are days of remembrance of God’s goodness
towards us.  Let us “blow the trumpet” of declarations of God’s goodness and
righteousness in our lives, thanking and praising Him for His grace and mercy over us.
Let us also pray special prayers of blessing over Jerusalem, for God is rewarding those
who favor His righteous cause. To you, the Lord declares: “I am rewarding your
righteousness!” (Psalm 35:27).  

Day 15:  September 16
Prov 23:7 says:  “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” – KJV
Ask the Holy Spirit to shine His light on old mindsets that need to be shifted.  New wine
needs new wineskins so that nothing new will be lost or wasted.  Abandon your old
stagnant places. Get rid of all religious mindsets and be fully yielded to the new wave of
His glory.

Day 14: September 15
Make it your total commitment to love every person as you love yourself.  Humble
yourself under His mighty hand to take the lower place and serve in love, walking in the
light of love with every human being you come across.  Live to love and through agape
love bring life and restoration for God's glory.

Day 13:     September 14
In these days of Rosh Hashana the shofars are blowing all over Israel.  Let us also heed
the call for fresh consecration to be a worshiping Bride, not to be distracted by other
"voices" that call for our attention, but to give Him the first offering of each new day.
Celebrate God's grace to start afresh with the security of His new mercies every
morning of this new year.  Let us truly count our blessings in gratitude of His grace and
goodness over our lives.  Let it also be a day of blessing our loved ones, church family
and friends with special appreciation for being part of our lives, as well as blessing
those who are against us.  Bless everyone you know with all of the Lord's goodness and
grace for this new year.

Day 11 & 12:    September 12 & 13
Review your prophetic words and promises over the next two days.  Come in agreement
with it.  Loose it from heaven, bind the adversary, and declare your victory.  

Day 9 & 10:  September 10 & 11
Spy out your promised land with the Spirit of an overcomer and resolve to take
possession of all of your promises.

Day 8:  September 9
  • Ask the Lord to show you any area where you are walking in legalism and operate
    in a religious spirit.
  • Study Isaiah 58:5 14.  
  • Remove the finger of judgement.  
  • Release every control and oppression.  
  • Let your soul go out to the hungry.  
  • Be merciful and gracious.  
  • Position yourself for the benefits of verse 8, 9, 10b, 11, 12 and 14.  

Day 7:  September 8
Make sure that you are rightly aligned under authority, Inspect your covering and make
adjustments as God leads.

Day 6:  September 7
Work on your relationships:
  • family
  • church family
  • friends
  • business or ministry contacts
Make sure you walk with a pure heart of blessing toward everyone.  Repent and root out
every unforgiveness, anger, jealously, regret, judgement, control, malice, disdain, etc.  

Day 5:  September 6
Commit yourself to more time with the Lord each day, just for the purposes of
worshiping Him and to clearly discern His voice.

Day 4:  September 5
Review the Prophetic Words which have been spoken over your life.
Come in agreement with it; setting you mind on the fulfillment thereof;
Bind every opposing force to God's plans and purposes for your life;
Now loose it from heaven into manifestation by decreeing it into the airways.
See it by the eyes of faith and
call it forth, just as though it already were!

Day 3: September 4
This is a day for total commitment to finish old assignments and to take a militant stand
for victory in every area of you life.
Meditate on the following scriptures:  Phil. 4:13; 2 Cor. 2:14; 1 John 5:4; 1 Cor. 15:57-58

DAY 2: September 3
Bind the spirit of Lethargy and break with any slothfulness, procrastination and laziness
Read Eph. 5:14-17

DAY 1: September 2
Take stock of the previous 7-year cycle and ask the Lord for the Spirit of wisdom and
revelation (READ: Eph. 1: 17-20) to get heavenly perspective.  Ask for discernment and
for the Holy Spirit to shine His light on any area  in my life where there is unfinished
business and loose ends that can hinder me from breaking through into THE NEW.  This
could be:

  • relationships (where I might have to humble myself and make restitution,
  • contacts to follow up,
  • unfinished assignments from the Lord,
  • love offerings which I have never given when the Holy spirit prompted me,
  • goals that are not fulfilled, etc.

Make a list of these things and resolve to FINISH IT OFF WITHIN THESE 21 DAYS by
Setting GOALS
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Prayer Directive...
Prayer Directive...
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