"The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it."   Psalm 68:11

Do you feel like you have something to write but do not know where to put it?  Perhaps you have already written
an article but have not had the opportunity to have it published.  Perhaps you get regular words, revelations or
visions from the Lord but do not have the certainty that it is a 'prophetic word' or not.  Why not go ahead and write
what is on your heart?

Copy and paste your article or 'prophetic word' in the form below, as well as any questions you would like to ask.  
The Agape Team will review your message for possibility of publishing it on this website.  This does not
mean that every message will be used, but we will publish as we are led by the Holy Spirit.

Some Guidelines:
1. Give your message an appropriate title.
2. Give your message a date.
2. There are no limit to how many words you can use, just be sure that it is at least a couple of paragraphs  
long though.
1. Make sure that all your thoughts or statements are based upon Scripture and include the Scripture Reference
and the Bible Version.
2. Please spell-check your entire message manually also.  Using only your text editor's spell check option is not
always sufficient.
3. If you have a 'prophetic word' and are not sure if it is from the Lord or not, please do not hesitate to send it
anyway.  We will gladly review it and get back to you.
4. We want to encourage you to flow in your gift! Take the liberty and get started!  

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