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October 9,2009
Building Blocks For Life
- Lance Ivey
In Ephesians 4:29, the Bible says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for
building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” The bible encourages and requires us to be
those that strengthen or build up with our words. We are to reject self-corrupting, demeaning communications and become
communicators of life that are able to employ words to build  our lives up and to build up the lives of those we're around.

The believer and follower of Christ is to use their words to build a pleasant and meaningful life. Words have the inherent
capacity to release authority and influence in the earth.  You're to use your gift of language well, and hone the skills of your
verbal capacity to communicate words that oppose negative circumstances, and create a productive environment and future.
In short, you're to use the building blocks of words to construct a new and better future, a new and better you.

What would lead me or any other reasonable person to believe that we can affect circumstances, our environment and our
future with words. Consider this, if you yelled “fire!” or “bomb!” in a building or public transportation vehicle, you would
immediately change the environment and create movement and a new reality in that setting. How many husbands and wives
have instilled peace or strife in their homes and marriages by the communications of their mouths?  How many parents have
imparted confidence or a lack thereof through casual or even intentional comments to their children?

Jesus made a statement we find recorded in Mark 11:23 that gives credence to the belief that words are important. “I tell you
the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believes that
what he says will happen, it will be done for him.” When you think about it, that's an almost astounding statement. To think
that we can literally move major obstacles through the power of our words is captivating.

In the context of these words that Jesus spoke, there are two different meanings for the word “says” in this sentence. The first
is from an original Greek word, “lego,” as in lego building blocks. This word means “to lay forth (in words), to relate in words,
usually of systematic or set discourse, to utter.” This implies that words can serve like  building blocks to build things in
people's lives.

Rick Renner, a Greek scholar wrote of this word "lego" in his book Sparkling Gems From The Greek stating that, "The tense
depicts a strong, stern, serious, deeply felt kind of speaking. This is not referring to a person who mutters thoughtless
nonsense; this is a person who has made an inward resolution and now speaks authoritatively and with great conviction.” In
other words, this is referring to a person who is speaking with understanding that his or her words matter, that his or her
words have an impact on their circumstances, environment and future.

The second time we see the word “says” in Mark 11:23, it's root is from the Greek word “epo.” This word means “to speak or
say by word or writing, generally refers to the expression of an individual person.” It also means “to command, to speak out
and to speak on or to address a specific topic or thing.” We have the ability to take command of our lives through how we
consistently speak.

There is much discussion over the impact and power of our words. Many of us grew up hearing things like, “Sticks and
stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.” That's a lie. Words have the ability to hurt us. Especially when
damaging or demeaning words come from people we trust, or people close to us.

When words of deserved correction or even rebuke are true, truly spoken, they need to affect us.  Or perhaps better stated,
they need to motivate us to see from a different perspective and move us to change things that need to be changed in our
lives. When personal habits are crippling our ability to be successful in our homes, marriages or work, we need someone to
step up, confront us and tell us the truth in love and with respect. When constructively critical words are spoken with our best
interests at heart, it can be difficult to stomach.  But if we receive wise counsels of correction, these kinds of words can build
us up beyond anything we ever imagined or dreamed.

That's one aspect of managing words properly, but there's another to consider.  There's also the aspect of our speech that
requires us individually and personally to be speaking good, speaking right and well things...even when the storms of life are
coming against us. It's not easy to say things are going to be ok when we've just heard bad reports, lost a job, or suffered the
break up of a meaningful relationship. But according to Jesus, we can move the mountains of opposition in our lives when we
take our God-given ability of speech to re-order the chaos and confusion we may face from time to time in life.

Just as Jesus demonstrated in Mark 4 when a great storm came up on the sea, and the boat in which he was traveling was
filling up with sea water, we are to speak to the storms in our lives.  Just like Jesus did, say, "Peace. Be still."  Such a simple
declaration in the midst of the storm can change the momentum and turn the tide. Just the reminder that things can and will
be ok, just being reminded that your faculties can find peace in the midst of adversity can free your mind to think and act
clearly and properly.  It can make all the difference.

But let's go a little further to understand that our words and speech are designed to best work when the way we speak
becomes a well constructed lifestyle. It can be frustrating to say something and get no results. That's when we have to know
that it's not always the one time release of a body of words that changes things.  It's moreso the lifestyle of coordinating words
that consistently agree with what God has said in His written word and through what He speaks in our hearts in line with the
written word.  Real verbal effectivenes is found in aligning our lives in harmony with the promises and expectations we find in
God's word.

In the Bible in Mark 5, we have recorded the story of a woman with a long standing illness who heard that relief and healing
from her disease was possible through Jesus. It is written of her that she continually spoke within herself and released her
expected outcome.  She ordered her thoughts and beliefs, her words and the focus of her heart in a powerful agreement.  She
said that if she could get to Jesus and receive the touch of His power to heal, that she would be completely recovered of her
disease. She built up an area of her life by the words of her mouth, ingrained these words in her heart, and she got exactly
what she continued to say WITHIN herself, and out of her mouth.

It's vitally important that we understand that there is a great fight over the words of our mouths . The reason is because our
experiences in life are intimately connected with the words we  consistently release from our heart and out of our mouths. It's
time you and I alike accept without wavering the personal responsibility lodged in our words. Instead of declaring what you
have that you don't desire, say what you want and speak from a fully persuaded and convinced heart what you desire in line
with God's declared will.  Knowing God's will may be a question for some, but we find all the persuasive evidence we need of
God's will in His word.

Here's the crux of the matter:  If you intentionally change what you're saying in a way that consistently connects you with God's
purposes, and if you make this your lifestyle, where will you be in 6 months time? One thing is for sure. Six months from now,
if you don't make the effort to change what you're saying about your life, you'll probably be in pretty much the same condition
you're in right now. If you're satisfied with everything you have, that's fine.  But what if you're not?

If you're not satisfied, or if you just need to step it up, what if you challenge yourself in the next 6 months to really focus on what
you say and let those positive changes become your new lifestyle?  What if you continually say and release your expected
outcome as the woman did in Mark 5?  Do you believe God's Word enough to build up YOUR life  and the lives of those
around you with the words of your mouth?  If you do consistently speak in line with what His Word promises, you will set
yourself on a track to become what you speak.  You will create a productive environment and a powerfully effective future.

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