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July 10,2008
The Rainfall makes the Riverflow
- Junior DeSouza
Hello overflowing church!

The Spirit's presence...what is it like? How does it work? Why do some Christians and churches seem to carry His presence
so strong, while others seem so devoid of it? Today's writing will answer those questions as we focus on this statement, the
rainfall makes the riverflow.

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is simply the circulatory process water goes through in the earth's atmosphere. The cycle has four essential
stages: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and dispersion. Evaporation is when the sun heats the water on the earth's
surface, causing it to vaporize and rise to the skies as water vapor. Condensation is when this rising water vapor
rematerializes into water droplets, or clouds, in the sky. Precipitation is when enough water vapor has rematerialized and
accumulated in the clouds, overwhelming it with moisture, therefore releasing rain back down to the earth. Dispersion is
when this rainfall overflows the rivers, and as a result, the rivers disperse or distribute their water all over the earth through
streams, tributaries, and creeks.

The Spiritual Water Cycle

For this to make better sense, let's walk through the spiritual water cycle backwards.      

Dispersion John 7:37-39 says the Spirit inside us is like a river that flows and overflows. In other words, He disperses His
living water all over the world through us. And that's what we want more of, powerful flow and overflow everywhere we go.

Precipitation For riverflow/dispersion to happen, there must first be precipitation. Spiritual precipitation, that is. Isaiah 44:3
says when the Spirit manifests His presence upon us, it is like rain falling from the heavens. Remember our statement, the
rainfall makes the riverflow. This is from Psalm 65:9 (NKJV): You visit the earth and water it...the river of God is full of water.
The context is literal, referring to the physical, but the imagery is imported to the spiritual in other passages. Consequently,
the Spirit is likened to a riverflow (Jn 7:37-39) and a rainfall (Isa 44:3).       

The Spirit will flow through us in direct proportion to the amount of Spirit-rain that falls on us. Riverflow/dispersion is
impossible without rainfall/precipitation--one depends on the other. Same Holy Spirit, but different aspects of His presence.
One is ministerial (riverflow), the other intimate (rainfall). Ministry overflow comes from intimate showers! God precipitates in
the secret place!
Let me flesh this out a bit more. Occasionally I come across a Christian that says, "Junior, I want the Spirit to use me in
greater and more powerful ways, but how do I get Him to do it? My response is always the same: "The rainfall makes the
riverflow. If you want the Spirit's river to overflow through you in amazing ways, you have to constantly be in His rainfall. Do you
spend quality time daily in the rainfall of the Spirit?" Their answer is usually the same: "Sometimes...occasionally...I'm pretty
busy...It's hard for me to get up early..." To which I reply: "Rainfall only happens when there is evaporation."

Evaporation For rain to fall (in nature), evaporation must first happen--something must first go up. Likewise, the Spirit's rainfall
comes from "evaporating" prayer and worship. Hosea 10:12 and James 5:18 subtly allude to spiritual evaporation and
precipitation. The amount of prayer and worship we evaporate determines the amount of rainfall precipitating from heaven,
which determines the amount of riverflow dispersing through us. God is telling us that we need to evaporate prayer and
worship more abundantly, staying in the Spirit-rainfall, and therefore dispersing His river's overflow. Evaporate prayer and

Problem...many Christians don't evaporate willingly. They get lulled away by other interests or responsibilities or laziness.
Therefore, the sun/Son has to "heat up" their life. Remember, evaporation is when the sun heats the water on the earth,
causing it to vaporize and rise. When we don't willingly evaporate daily prayer and worship, personally and corporately, the
Son will "heat up" our life with difficulties and frustrations (Ps 32:9). Don't wait for the Son to heat things up to force your prayer
and worship evaporation. Get in the spiritual water cycle, be faithful to it daily, and live constantly in the overflow of the Spirit.

Condensation Sometimes it seems we are in a dry and thirsty land, no rain from heaven, even though we're faithfully
evaporating prayer and worship. Remember condensation: it is when the clouds are steadily accumulating
moisture/evaporation, and when there is enough moisture/evaporation to overwhelm the cloud, it releases all its rain, snow,
and other precipitations to the earth. If your Spirit-rainfall is scarce, keep evaporating while you wait. God is trying your
faithfulness, and your cloud is accumulating all your prayers and praises. Believe me precious friends, I've been through the
water cycle a kazillion times...that cloud will eventually be overcome and release mighty rainshowers on your life, and your
river will overflow everywhere! Keep evaporating, stay faithful, and let condensation have its perfect work.  

Get in, and stay in, the spiritual water cycle.

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