At this point in time great changes are under way and we are transitioning into a new season in which the Kingdom and the purposes of the King
shall have pre-eminence!  A militant Bride is rising up in violent aggression against the thief, taking the Kingdom by force, empowered by the
dunamis of the Holy Spirit. She is fearlessly repossessing the high places, which have been invaded by the enemy with the Word of the Lord and
cannot be intimidated.

This rising Bride is shining with the splendor of the King, knowing her identity and calling, because of much time spent in His Presence and His
glory is now busy invading the earth everywhere the Bride treads.  High praises are in her mouth and she is walking in a fresh authority, having
touched the scepter of the King’s favor.

In this time of PREPARATION for the NEW, it is important to let go of old issues that need to be dealt with and be left behind.  Ask the Holy Spirit to
help you identify old strongholds, then pull down the high place of the enemy and replace it with Kingdom Government in authority of His Name and
in the character of Christ.  Finish off old business of the old season and stretch yourself out to be ENLARGED!

It is also a time to REPOSSESS your past assigned territories which have been invaded by the enemy. Deal with the giants in the Name of the Lord
and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit!  Do not let mountains and obstructions intimidate you; command them to move in Jesus Name and
REPOSSESS your territory, be it in your family, your business, ministry or anywhere else.


The NATIONS are on God’s heart!

Isaiah 54 has been strongly illuminated by the Holy Spirit and is being birthed right now!

Verse 1-3 “
Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the
children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.  Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the
curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the
left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.

In order to gain new ground, there will be obstacles to overcome and we will be stretched in our faith, our determination and in diligence.  Most of
all, we have to shift out of limited thinking.  “With God nothing is impossible”, but sometimes we will have to walk on the water  (like Peter) by the gift
of faith, which He gives as we step out on His call!   Follow the ark of His Presence and cross your Jordan into your promises.  

The naysayers and doubters and fearful ones will be there to try and talk you out of it, so learn from Joseph and do not share your dreams and
vision with those.  Look for people who know the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit, like-minded people who are not jealous of you, or driven
by fear, but are co-workers in the Kingdom of God.  Pray together with them, “Let Your Kingdom come, Your will be done as it is in heaven!”  It is in
unified prayers and fastings that most of the ground is taken even before the visible manifestation of it!


Position yourself with the offering of your high praises in a higher place than before, under an open heaven of revelation, to receive broader vision in
order to enlarge your tent, lengthen your cords and hammer in your tent pegs to take the Kingdom into new territories with great applause and
shouts when He defines your new borders.

In Psalm 47:1, we are commanded: “
O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph”, for the Lord most high is
terrible; he is a great King over all the earth. He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet. He shall choose our
inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom He loved. Selah.

The word “clap” (taqa) describes the hammering on the tent pegs when a tent is pitched! Clapping and shouting denote victory!  THEREFORE, do
not hold back, allow Him to stretch you, war over new territories with His Word, which you receive on the mountaintop. Moses went up onto mount
Nebo when God showed him the promised land (Deuteronomy 34:1-4). Let us study the Word of God to learn the hidden secrets and meditate on
His instructions!

Meditate on enlargement and increase of His Kingdom and ask the Lord to take off all restrictions in your mindset.  Get a paradigm shift and agree
with what He is defining for you – without limitation!  Do not let the enemy rob you of the part you have to act out for His Kingdom expanse!   Sign up
for service in His army under command of the Lord of hosts!  Be part of His glory invasion to cover the whole earth!

In verse 3 of Isaiah 54 there is a promise of breakthrough on all sides as well as well as the promise of a posterity who will take ground in the
nations, “and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.” Glory to God!

Matthew 6:33: “
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Come in action, being not only hearers of the Word, but doers! (James 1:22)

INTERCESSORS stand your watch on the high places now! When you intercede, rise up in ascension power – far above the earthly realm of
circumstances and people’s opinions. Do not pray into facts, pray into the spirit realm and you will receive the heavenly strategy and the Prophetic
Word to declare over the land of your inheritance; then facts will bow under Truth.  There will be great increase in accelerated manifestation IF YOU
BELIEVE WHILE YOU PRAY (Mark 11:22-24) and then DECLARE HIS WORD and HIS WILL PROPHETICALLY over your lives, families, churches,
cities, regions, nations, and continents!  Halleluyah!  

BROOD with the HOLY SPIRIT over the seed of HIS WORD in your HEART in FULL AGREEMENT. NURTURE it until it takes shape and form in your
vision; then spread out your tent over your assigned territories, and hammer in your tent pegs with PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS!  Now watch the
plowman overtaking the reaper in acceleration of the fulfillment of His purposes!!

New Prophetic and Apostolic mantles are being released for those who will come up higher into His Presence to be sent out on His assignments
without wavering or delay, praying and prophesying over new regions, nations, continents!  Many will go out on assignments now to redeem the
high places by the Blood of the Lamb!


Take time by setting yourself apart to discern the time and season for yourself, your family, your ministry or business, church, city, region or nation,
getting His blueprints.  Then step into the order of His rhythm so that you won’t be driven by the beat of any pressure – self-imposed or coming for
fear of other people’s expectation, but being led by the Holy Spirit.


There will be sudden and aggressive assaults, coming from the kingdom of darkness, to rob you of your joy and peace to bring oppression and
depression over you in order to rob you of your destiny and your promises. Remember, his aim is to instill fear and doubt.  Do not be intimidated by
his bad reports, lies and suggestions of failure concerning your future. Counter him with the sure Word of Truth.

Be watchful and alert to not give the enemy the slightest opening to enter your mind or emotions.  Recognize anything that has a negative influence
on your soul and deliberately turn to the Light, keeping your eyes fixed on the Beloved.  Light swallows up darkness and therefore abide in God’s
Word, which carries the Light of your salvation.   The victory ALWAYS comes through HIGH PRAISES! (PS. 149)

Walking as a holy habitation of God’s Presence, is like being a hot house for His “now” Word to germinate and sprout out and come to perfect
fruitfulness in “no time”.  Selah!!!  (Pause and seriously think about it).

Hebrew 11:3  “
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of
things which do appear



  1. Start singing with the prospect of taking land for the King! “Your Name be glorified, Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth,
    as it is in heaven!”  SING VICTORY SONGS OVER YOUR previously assigned TERRITORIES and DECLARE ENLARGEMENT over current
    boundaries.  Fast for a higher place in His Presence. Pray much in tongues. Be saturated in his Love.
  2. Listen carefully and be on the ready to implement His instructions with a NEW MINDSET, NEW VISION to see further, and go further and
    higher. Ask Him to increase you in wisdom with open eyes of your understanding to see (with enlarged vision) what is your inheritance
    together with the saints in the light. (EPH. 1: 17-20) Ask Him to take the blinders off your eyes and be determined to take possession of your
  3. Set your mind on enlargement and increase and purpose to enlarge the sphere of your influence for the Kingdom, be it with PRAYER,
    Make yourself available for Kingdom expansion and follow the dictates of the Holy Spirit in your heart.  Note it down and come in agreement
    with it.
  4. DO NOT BE SATISFIED WITH WHERE YOU ARE!  Take authority and dominion over any resistance of the enemy, putting fear under your
    feet. “Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes!”  Ask Him to make you more effective and efficient for the Kingdom and let Him show
    you how.   Quiet your mind and receive from the Spirit of Revelation. Now “hammer in your tent pegs” with a clapping and shouting and
    decree your new borders.  Spread out your tent by RECORDING the vision of your assigned inheritance!
  5. PURPOSE TO ENLARGE YOUR GIVING to further the Kingdom! (Remember Matt. 6:33).  Do not let fear of “not enough” cause you to hold
    back.  “SPARE NOT”.  Give to the poor, the fatherless and the widows like never before!  That is pure religion and it is your investment for you
    own provision, for you cannot “outgive” God! JUST OBEY THE LEADING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!
  6. Purpose to SEE what the Father is doing and HEAR what He is saying.  Dwell in His Presence on “Mount Zion” and do not get entangled
    with the strategies of the enemy on earthly planes.  MEDITATE ON AND DREAM about your new territories and see it by the eyes of faith.  Ask
    the Lord to expand you in wisdom and understanding in implementing new strategies.  Now rejoice in it with high praises to the King of
  7. Write down the vision of enlargement, as God has shown you, and

Keep on reviewing and declaring it and acting it out as you have purposed to do – on a daily basis until it has manifested fully.  Then give Him all the
glory and be further ENLARGED IN EFFECTIVENESS for the Kingdom!  Record all the increase and enlargement that is coming to you now and

Amen, so be it!

Love to you all
Elsabe Briers
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November 20, 2009
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