There is much ground to be gained in new spiritual dimensions for those who will go up higher in answer to His call.

Holy Spirit is calling us into His move and this is our opportunity to position ourselves to move into higher and deeper places in
the spirit realm. During this season we are all experiencing a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, almost like a fresh outpouring that
calls for a deeper passion and fervency to KNOW the Lord Jesus in deeper levels of intimacy,” for IN HIM we LIVE, and MOVE
and HAVE OUR BEING.” (Acts 17:28)  It is in this place of oneness with Him that we will receive His counsel and strategy to take
ground in the natural.

Arise now out of places of luke-warmness, indecision, confusion and human reasoning and "cross over" into a new place of
authority in the spirit realm on the sure Word of the Lord with full assurance of faith that He is with you (Immanuel) and that He
will "not fail you, nor forsake you" (Joshua 1:5).  

"You are now experiencing a season of TRANSITION and REFORMATION of RANKS."

Transition spells MOVE, SHIFT and CHANGE from one state or condition to another.  The Latin and French origin of the Word
"transition" means: "go, cross over".   In the process the Winds of Change are blowing, to blow out everything that is "hanging
loose" - not firmly anchored and established in place.  We will need both the Wisdom and the strength to let go of the old and a
fresh anointing to come in step with the orders of the King for our new season, taking new ground for the Kingdom.  

New mantles of authority, as well as new assignments are awaiting those who are exploring deeper depths of the river, who
know their identity in Christ, walking in the armor of light to take command over the enemy and to command situations to line up
with the sure Word of the Lord!  

New alignments and new connections will now be established in like-mindedness. Unity is essential for blessing!  Also, a new,
wider sphere of influence will be established for those who will "possess the land" of their inheritance to expand the Kingdom.

"You are receiving a new "field", ready to be harvested!

Some will be moving geographically - relocating to other cities, some from one state to another, but some will even be changing
countries, continents and hemispheres.  There will also be vocational changes.  Many will step out into "new" territory, which
might include the "previous" (including taking up your talents which were laying dormant).  All these changes are setting us up
for the end-time harvest.

Stay firmly anchored in His love in intimacy.

At this time it is of utmost importance to stay firmly anchored in your spiritual foundations, being rooted and grounded in the
love of our Lord.  ABIDE IN HIM!  ABIDE IN HIS LOVE!  ABIDE IN HIS WORD!  The enemy is out to shake and move those who
are on the move - especially in their emotions - with fear of the unknown and feelings of insecurity, but as we keep our eyes of
faith focused on the Lord, the enemy will not move us (Act 2:25).  

The key that unlocks our future is of course the sure promises and prophecies of the Lord.  These will be shining like lamps in
the dark moments of confusion and uncertainty.  At the same time the Word of the Lord about your future will be challenged to
keep you from entering into your Promised Land.  What the Lord said to Joshua still applies to us today when we have His
direction and assignment to fulfill:  "Be strong and very courageous.  Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy
God is with thee whithersoever thou goest". (Jos.1: 9)

THE CHOICES and DECISIONS that we make now, will determine our future.

It is of utmost importance not to be distracted and be moved out of intimacy with the Lord, so that we will not miss the "kairos"
moment to "cross over" and possess the land that He has given us. (Joshua 1:11)

Here are guidelines:
1) Stay focused and determined to posses your promises, not wavering in faith;
2) Do not be moved by pressure and do not exert pressure by taking fleshly control;
3) Do not make hasty decisions.  Wait on the Word of the Lord in trust, patience and faith;
4) Rest in Him.   Do not lose your peace or joy;
5) Rejoice in praises and worship continuously and listen watchfully for His instructions – moment by moment; then simply walk it
out, following the ark of His Presence.
6) Be determined to stay in constant communion with the Lord.

Moving in Him
Elsabe Briers
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by Elsabe Briers
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June 8, 2010
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