The month of September has been a month of shifting and transitioning into our true IDENTITY IN CHRIST JESUS, finding our
assigned placement for the new season!

It is amazing to “see” the progressive revelation of His Word to us and in us and through us, as our spirit is open to receive.  A
few days ago I was prophesying to someone, when it came out of my mouth by the Spirit that she would rise up as a lioness, as
I had a vision of a lion that was released from a cage.  Shortly after,  the title of a book on lions caught my eye and then the
Lord gave me the Word that was posted yesterday.  Now I am hearing about the Lion of Judah and seeing lion images

The Lord quickened it to my spirit that many in the body of Christ have been kept captive by the enemy and are about to be set
free from bondage to rise up in their true identity (coming out “of the cage” of restrictions of the mind) in the boldness and
strength of the lion of Judah.  This will depend much on the amount of time they spend worshiping Him (the Lion of Judah) in the
secret place, for it is here that they will receive their release through the truth of who His is in us and who we are in Him:  MORE

The enemy of our souls, who is posing AS a roaring lion (1 Pet. 5:8), intimidating and oppressing God’s people with lies and
deception, is going to be taken out by this new breed of bold, overcoming, extravagant praise-warriors, who will be using that
two-edged Sword to execute vengeance against him (Ps.149).  So, take up your harp now and watch the results! Hallelujah!

The Lion of Judah wants to roar into your spirit with the power of His breath to reveal Himself in His glorious Kingship to you and
then through you.  This is exemplified in the revelation of Jesus Christ to John on the Isle of Patmos.  He was in the Spirit when
the revelation came to him and it encourages us to live, move and have our being IN HIM, in the Spirit, so that we are in the
“abiding” position to receive progressive revelation as we walk with Him.

It requires that we walk in “stillness” as we are seated with Christ in heavenly places in His rest.  Then we will “walk” in constant
revelation, hearing His Word for every person and situation. Selah!  (Pause and calmly think about that).

HIS ROAR is going to burst forth in creative expression in prophetic song, dance, flagging, art,  drama, media and especially in
prophetic Evangelism, bringing breakthrough as it is released.

While I was worshiping, I heard, "GO! GO! GO!"  So let your feet be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace and go
into the highways and byways, bringing healing to everyone who is oppressed by the devil in the power and anointing of the

As I have been traveling through various places in South Africa, I have come to a fresh understanding of the power of His roar
through us, prophesying over people, the church, cities and the land. It brings an immediate shift in the spirit realm, and to the
extent that His Word is received it will bring the manifestation in the natural.  His Word is a powerful, creative, living force that
sets the captives free, shifts mindsets, brings healing miracles and fresh energy to rise up in the boldness of His strength to
DECLARE His rule and reign as the King of Kings!

Join the shofars in celebration of your new season under His crowned Kingship and let the next 10 days bring a refreshing in
your heart by true repentance and forgiveness, while worshiping the Triune God anew in awe of what He has done for us
through His magnificent grace!

Shift your mind into FAITH to DECLARE HIS FRESH WORD and yes, "GO! GO! GO!" - wherever He leads....... with signs and
wonders following!


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Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
Prophetic Words and Visions
by Elsabe Briers
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September 28, 2011
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