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Agape Life Ministries, Inc
Agape Life Ministries, Inc
I am enjoying the greatest miracle of my life: FREEDOM! I believe that
success in the kingdom of God cannot be measured by a worldly measuring
rod, but obedience to God and His commandments is what measures our
success.  Transacting Kingdom business as ambassadors of the Most High
God is our mandate.

Being of French descent, I was born and raised in South Africa.  At the age of
five years old, all on my own with no one praying with me, the Lord Jesus
Christ revealed Himself to me and I accepted Him as my Saviour.  At this time
I also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Throughout my entire life, I can
testify of God's mighty right hand guiding my life in every step that I took.  As
a child, the Lord taught me many things about Himself and about the Kingdom
of God.  I like to say that I grew up in the school of the Holy Spirit.  At the age
of seventeen, God sent our family to the United States and upon completion of
High School, I moved away from my family and found myself serving on the
mission field...and I have been doing that ever since.  In 2006, the Lord joined
me again with my mother, Elsabe, and currently, I am ministering alongside
her and working as 'executive assistant' (as she likes to call me) and as
manager of the administrative aspects of ALM (Agape Life Ministries, Inc).  
Mom Elsabe and I have traveled to many nations by the leading of the Holy
Spirit, fulfilling His Kingdom purposes.  

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I trust that you would find many rich blessings as you browse through our site.
May God's grace and love overtake you,

Elsabe is an itinerant minister who teaches and preaches in the prophetic,
apostolic and healing anointings.  Healings, signs and wonders accompany
the ministry and lives are transformed in the outpouring of the glory.  

Her call is to the nations, and especially to the continent of Africa.  
Interconnecting with various different ministries to form powerful teams, Elsabe
is reaching out across the globe, impacting the nations with the Word in the
powerful demonstration of the Spirit.  Her passion is to bring people into Bridal
intimacy with the Bridegroom, teaching them to live a life-style of worship and
prayer and from the empowering in the glory, to take the Kingdom to the

She is raising up spiritual sons and daughters all over the world to grow up
into the full stature of Christ so that they in turn can help people to discover
God’s purpose for their lives and fulfill their destiny in Christ.
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